Pullman Barista Tamper and Yes! You Need a Decent Tamper too!

When you want to make some nice espressos at home or you want to start a business, you need a serious budget. Because you need some decent things. Of course first of all, you need a decent coffee with a decent grinder. These two are inseparable. Then you need a machine. This is not at all. After that you need a tamper to tamp the coffee in the basket. But which tamper ?

There is always plastic tampers as a cheap solution but if you want to a decent espresso, why would you use a not decent thing. Here is the thing, you need a nice based tamper with a nice handle. Because the base is important for your coffee and handle is important for you.

Most machines come with a 58 mm basket, but there is other baskets with different diameter such as VST. Well if you use a VST basket 58 mm diameter is not good for you and almost one year I use VST at my home.  There is a basic and simple test that you can make. Take your plastic tamper that your machine gave you, and use a ordinary 58 mm tamper. You can see the difference easily.

At this point i choose Pullman Barista tamper. Why ? I saw it in Prague at EMA and Alza Cafe. I talked to the baristas and asked their opinion about the Pullman and they gave me very positive feedbacks.



Here is the pros of Pullman and why you should choose a Pullman tamper;

It is really really light if you choose a wood handle. In a heavy use, you have no pain on your hand or wrist. And with that black area, it is nice, soft and smooth so you can put your fingers and you can make that twist after tamp to ensure yourself that you made an even tamp. Believe or not, this tamper can be used all your life. If you have one of those you will never look back or never look for another solution about tamping.


custom bull engraving

The quality of this tamper is really great. You can never regret even on your heavy duties and busy hours on your cafes. You can say good bye to wrist pain. I know this is not a cheap tamper and many home baristas and cafes can not afford it or they may not want to spend their money on this tamper. But if you think your quality and tastes of your espressos, this is a really small spending if you compare it with your shot quality.

even darth vader loves the pullman

vader and pullman

And of course big homage for Mark Ruta. He is very helpfull and such a good man. You can ask to him anything you want. His service is great and he will reply your questions very fast.

If you want to check these beauties, go: www.coffeetamper.com.au www.thingscoffee.com.au


  1. suat
    Kasım 28, 2014 / Reply

    Tamper kaliteli görünüyor. tampere ve kargoya ayrı ayrı ne kadar ödediniz? Kaç günde elinize ulaştı? Sizin incelemesini yaptığınız tamperi sitelerinde göremedim?

    • Kasım 28, 2014

      Selam, barista premium taban ve australian oak handle seçenekleri fotolardaki tamper. Engraving ayrıca ücretlendiriliyor. Kargo 55 AUD. Yaklaşık 2 haftayı buluyor ptt sağolsun. Türkiye’ye girişi baya hızlı aslında.

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