Pullman Chisel – Product Review

Since from Sasa’s winning routine and OCD, distribution tools are very popular. Almost everyone in Dublin, used OCD V1 in WBC. Almost everyone.

I also have a OCD V1 since last april or may. So i’ve been using it for almost one year. For some reasons, i do not like it. I am happy with my horizontal and vertical tapping method with my EK43.

Lately i wanted to have a titanium bigstep tamper from Pullman Coffee. When i decided to buy one, i also ordered the new Chisel Distribution tool. I’ve been using it for a couple weeks, my initial thoughts are very optimistic about it.

Let me clear one thing. I believe that this distribution tools are invented for competitions, fast paced environments, coffee shops has many baristas or branches. This is what i think.

My first thoughts on Chisel is like i said, very optimistic. I really like it. Here is a couple reason;

  • You can spin it clockwise or counter clockwise. If you are lefty, it is a good thing.
  • It allows you to updose.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Less tamping effect due to its chisel shape.
  • Looks very stylish with many color options. I like my blue one.
  • No coffee particles on tool because of static.

After a couple weeks with Chisel, i decided to make a comparison between an avarage barista of myself, and Pullman Chisel. I only pulled 5 shots for each so this is not a big data but if you think to buy one, it might help you. The coffee i used is Ecuador La Perla Washed Typica. Roasted 8 days ago. I pulled pretty standard shots like 20 grams in and 40 grams out in about 28 29 seconds. I did not taste any shot so these are just number.

1) No distribution tool – Vertical and horizontal tappings

In Out Second TDS EY TDS -Av EY – Av
1 20 40,1 28 10,36 23,33 10,908 23,112
2 20 41 29 11,02 23,41
3 20 39,9 28 11,42 23,65
4 20 40,1 28 10,81 22,46
5 20 40,1 28 10,93 22,71

2) Pullman Chisel – No distribution before chisel

In Out Second TDS EY TDS Av EY Av
1 20 40 29 10,62 22,01 10,522 22,062
2 20 40,4 29 10,29 21,54
3 20 39,6 28 10,13 20,79
4 20 41,6 29 10,44 22,5
5 20 40,7 28 11,13 23,47

So as you can see, if you have an average barista like me, you can have better shots when you are not busy. But when you are busy, things might be not good for your shots. So this is why we need a distribution tool. For consistency.

Here is a quick video about it:

Here is my other thoughts why i like Chisel.

  • When you educate new baristas, it is really hard to tamp flat for them. With a flat coffee bed, it is really easy to tamp flat so eliminate any channelling.
  • You do not need to distribute before you use it. So you just dose and spin. And then tamp of course.
  • You will be sure that your shots are almost the same and good tasting.
  • You do not worry anymore with the differences of your baristas or locations.
  • You can spin counter clockwise. Did i say this ? *
  • Less tamping effect means you are maximising the side moves.
  • It gives you more time for customer service.

So these are my initial thoughts. I am now using this tool for rush hours and education for flat tamping. I will definitely use Chisel for competition also.

Hope you find this informative and if you try Chisel, just tell me your thoughts.



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